Apparel and Textile Industry

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Apparel and Textile Industry

Mensagempor albertbravo » 16 Set 2021 04:20

Hi i am new here i am working with Apparel and textile industry we offering new fashion arrivals such as shirts, t shirts, trousers, pants, coats and other trending clothes in wholesale prices. we have most reliable buyers and suppliers in all over the world.

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Re: Apparel and Textile Industry

Mensagempor Mila » 30 Set 2021 10:40

I always wear size M. But in winter I prefer to wear size L. I have no problems with underwear. The consultants always advise the set of underwear I need.

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Re: Apparel and Textile Industry

Mensagempor Carla345 » 30 Set 2021 11:27

I wear different sizes of underwear. Each model of my underwear has a different size. I only wear high-quality underwear and found a great online bra shop for me. My friends buy lingerie harness at MarieMur store, so I also buy lingerie at this store. My boyfriend loves how I look in my new underwear.

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